American Roundups - Week Ending December 5

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The Glades beat Nashua twice and Seacoast had a win and a tie. Cam Beecy scored his second goal of the game (and also had an assist) with one second left to give the Glades a 5-4 victory over Nashua, Eric Bouchard with two goals in the win and Tim Paige two goals in the loss - and Beecy wore the hat and had an assist, Steven Morse and Ryan Manley both had a goal and an assist and Greg Talbert pitched a shutout in a 6-0 win; James Winkler wore the hat, Chris Michaud had 1-1-2 and Sam Michaud two assists in Seacoast's 5-2 victory over the Monarchs, who got both goals from Eric Coburn - and Niall Foster scored with 3:37 left to give the Spartans a 3-3 tie with Assabet, which got 1-1-2 from William Dorsi;

Derek March scored twice and Paige had two assists as Nashua edged the Warrior '96 Selects, 3-2; Tommy Greene scored two goals and assisted on three others, Mike Santinello posted a goal and three assists, Pete Crinella had 2-1-3, Nolan O'Connor, Ryan Dmowski and Nick Chaoush all had 1-1-2 and Nick Rolandini two assists as the Falcons scored a big win over the Warriors; Evan Tyros set up three goals, Christian Thompson scored two and Joey Dudek had 1-1-2 as the Avalanche topped the Monarchs, 6-2; and Coburn collected 1-2-3, Max McCabe had 1-1-2 and Steve Upton two assists as the Monarchs defeated the Crusaders, 7-2.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Cam Beecy, Glades

The Falcons and Albany both won twice, with one of the Falcons' wins coming against Albany. Cam Keegan wore the hat, Brian Riley posted 1-2-3 and Zeke Emerson had two assists as the Falcons beat Albany, 6-2 - and Joe Mercadante had 1-2-3 and Riley and Brian Daury both had 1-1-2 in a 6-3 victory over the Red Rangers, who got three assists from Castellanos and two goals from Goldstein; Sean Dempsey wore the hat and had an assist, scoring with 4:19 left and again with just 28 seconds on the clock to give Albany a 4-3 decision over the Monarchs, as Jacob Marrello had 1-1-2 in the win and Colton McAllister two goals and Cole Anderson 1-1-2 in the loss - and Dempsey and Chris Hunt both scored twice in a 5-1 win over the Red Rangers;

In the other game, Jake McKennelley and Brent Hill both had 1-1-2, Zach Miragaes assisted on two goals and Ryan Lacroix pitched a shutout as the Warriors beat the Monarchs, 6-0.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Sean Dempsey, Albany

Nashua won twice. Jack Waldman scored midway through the second period for the goal needed for a 2-1 decision over the Vipers - and No. 30 had 2-1-3, Waldman also scored twice, Jack Moffitt and No. 25 both posted 1-1-2 and Kevin Morrissey had two assists in a 6-1 victory over the Red Rangers;

Aaron McDonnell and Nick Fiorentino shared the shutout and Evan Daddario delivered 1-1-2 as the Vipers beat the Crusaders, 3-0; Paul O'Leary scored the tying goal with 4:25 left and Christian Mauro had 1-1-2 as the Crusaders pulled out a 4-4 tie with Seacoast, which got two goals from James Wilson and 1-1-2 from Anthony Cosentino; Kyle Warren's second-period goal turned out to be the winner as the Falcons nipped the Red Rangers, 4-2; and Mitch Saraceno scored with 2:29 left to give the Cyclones a 3-3 tie with Assabet, which got 2-1-3 from Mark DeBenedictis and 1-1-2 from William Berrier.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Jack Waldman, Nashua

The Falcons beat Seacoast twice and Albany had a win and a tie against the Warrior '99 Elites. John Peloso wore the hat and had an assist, Mike Kinnear posted 2-2-4, John Fiallo had 1-3-4, Devan Tongue set up four goals; Drew Wiesel had 1-2-3, Riley Prattson and Brian Scoville both also scored twice and Asa Wint and Kyle Kazeroid both posted 1-1-2 as the Falcons scored a big win over Seacoast - and Prattson scored twice, Josh DeCarolis had 1-1-2 and Keith Petruzzelli lost a shutout when Luke Pepin scored with 15 seconds left in a 5-1 win over the Spartans; Brendan Behan pitched a shutout and Geordan Buffoline scored both goals in Albany's 2-0 win over the Warriors - and Tyler Lisieski scored with 4:10 left to give the River Rats a 1-1 tie with VJW, which got a second-period goal from Matt Quercia;

In the other game, Marc McLaughlin wore the hat and had three assists, Ben Thomas posted 2-2-4 and Cam Barbagallo and Gavin Prodjers both had 1-2-3 in Assabet's big win over the Avalanche.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Marc McLaughlin, Assabet

The Warrior '00 Elites won twice. Matt Lucey wore the hat and had an assist, Alex Duncan assisted on three goals and Will Winship had 1-1-2 in a 5-2 victory over the Avalanche, who got both goals from Dmitri Dutkewych and assists on both from Jack Crowley - and Joe Biddle, Mike Pierro, Nick Foderaro and Conor Sweeney all delivered 1-1-2 in a 6-1 win over the Vipers;

Anthony Quinliven (1-1-2) scored what turned out to be the winner in the second period and Devin Moran scored twice as the Crusaders edged the Vipers, 5-4 - Jake Mecrones with two assists in the loss; No. 5 scored twice and Ashe and Cook both had 1-1-2 as the Falcons defeated Seacoast, 5-1; Benson (2-1-3) scored two late goals and Riche had two assists as the Red Rangers nipped the Avalanche, 3-2; and Mike Pitts wore the hat and had an assist, Len Brochu posted 2-1-3, Josh Connor had three assists, Kyle Greer 1-1-2 and Cody Sullivan two assists as the Avs clipped the Crusaders, 7-2.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Mike Pitts, Avalanche

Seacoast won twice and the Avalanche had a win and two ties to go along with two losses. Chris Dowd snapped a 3-3 tie with 11:23 left and Tyler Durling had 1-1-2 in Seacoast's 6-3 win over the Red Rangers - and Tyler Gaulin set up three goals and Camden Graham scored two in a 5-1 victory over the Avalanche; George Gatzoulis scored what turned out to be the winner with 10:23 remaining and Marc Broghi had two assists as the Avs edged the Warrior '01 Elites, 3-2, despite two goals by Sacco; Nick Lambert scored the tying goal in the second period as the Red Rangers tied the Avs, 3-3, Broghi and Chris Roy with 1-1-2 apiece for the Avalanche - and Alex Gagne's second-period goal and two assists by Cam Hingham keyed the Avs in their 3-3 tie with the Raiders;

In the other games, Mike Amari wore the hat and had two assists, Chris Haley posted a goal and four assists, Brendan Ferrari also wore a hat, Sean Simpson had 2-1-3 and Ian Maguire 1-1-2 in Nashua’s 9-2 win over the Avs; and Tommy Langlois scored the winner to give the Cyclones a 2-1 decision over Nashua.

PLAYER OF THE WEEKS: Mike Amari, Chris Haley, Nashua

Liam Fenton scored twice and Evan Twombly and Cullen Milleric both had 1-1-2 in Assabet's 6-1 victory over the Red Rangers; and Sean Magerian and Mike O'Malley both had 1-2-3, Cody Seeley posted 1-1-2 and Gary Gentile had two assists as the Crusaders beat the Warrior Mite Majors, 6-2 - Adam Nadeau with both goals for the Warriors.

PLAYERS OF THE WEEK: Sean Magerian, Mike O'Malley, Crusaders

-- MIKE SHALIN, mshalin@valley-associates.com


Week Ending December 5
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