American Roundups - Week Ending November 20

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There was only one game - McKennelley with a goal and an assist and McDonough two assists as the Warriors skated to a 4-2 victory over the Monarchs.

PLAYERS OF THE WEEK: McKennelley, McDonough, Warriors

Seacoast won twice and the Glades beat the Crusaders twice by the same 4-1 score. Ben Pantazi and Colin Seeley shared the shutout and Anthony Cosentino scored fueling a three-goal first period as Seacoast topped the Crusaders, 3-0 - and James Wilson scored the winner and Cosentino had a goal and an assist in a 5-4 decision over the Wizards, who got 2-1-3 from No. 14 and 1-1-2 from No. 9; AJ Barre had a goal and an assist in one of the Glades wins and no details were available on the other;

Kyle Lynch scored with 5:10 left to give the Vipers a 2-1 decision over Pro Ambitions; Josh Chapman wore the hat, Pat Swanson scored twice and Steve Donelan and Justin Vien both posted two assists as the Monarchs defeated the Wizards, 5-3 - Dan O'Connell with 1-2-3 and Richard Murphy two goals in the loss; and Joe Rina and Joe Lavalle scored third-period goals to lift Pro Ambitions to a 5-4 victory over the Monarchs - Derrick Spencer with two assists in the win and No. 16 with two goals in the loss.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Anthony Cosentino, Seacoast

The Warrior '99 Elites won twice and Seacoast had a win and a tie against Albany. Cam Schmidt scored one goal and assisted on two others and Tom Albert and Craig Needham both clicked for 1-1-2 as the Warriors beat the Blazers, 6-2, Ben Murphy with 1-1-2 in the loss - and Albert had 1-1-2 and six different players scored goals in a 6-1 victory over the Crusaders; Tom Steere pitched a shutout and Bryson Bartell scored twice in Seacoast's 4-0 win over Albany - and Luke Pepin scored the tying goal with 11:03 left and Bartell had 1-1-2 as the Spartans pulled out a 3-3 tie;

Matt Irwin scored two goals and assisted on another and Alex Maffeo had 1-1-2 as the Red Rangers topped the Blazers, 5-3; and Doug Champagne scored his second goal of the game, with 2:03 left, to give the Avalanche a 3-3 tie with the Wizards - Dave Bartkus wearing the hat for the Wizards, two of the goals coming 26 seconds apart, and Mike Kesselring posting 1-1-2 for the Avs.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Dave Bartkus, Wizards

The Warrior '00 Elites beat the Vipers twice. Matt Lucey (2-1-3), Alex Dundan and Connor Sweeney all scored in a 47-second span in the third period to lift the Warriors to a 6-4 win, the Vipers getting two goals apiece from Damon Maribito and Ryan Groark - and Duncan snapped a 2-2 tie with 1:27 left as the Warriors nipped the Vipers, 4-2;

Eric Degregorio wore the hat and Ben Peffer had two assists in Seacoast's 5-2 victory over the Blazers, who got both goals from Owen Gallagher; David Sacco scored two goals and assisted on another as the Warriors '01 Elites beat the Blazers, 4-1; Dimeco scored with 3:42 left to give the Red Rangers a 1-0 win over the Glades (coaches, a goalie for the shutout???); Dan Molly and Matt Suozzi shared the shutout and Tom Relyea scored with 9:06 left to give Albany a 1-0 decision over the Crusaders; the Glades and Wizards split a pair, Blaine Moore pitched a shutout, Kyle Haskins posted 1-1-2 and Sam Seaver two assists as the Glades won, 3-0, and Kadyn Fennell had 1-1-2 and the Wizards won, 4-2 - Haskins with both goals in the loss; Reilly Moran scored twice as the Advantage edged the Red Rangers, 3-2 - Smith with 1-1-2 in the loss; and Sydney Harrington had a goal and an assist as the Avalanche topped the Glades, 4-1.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Eric Degregorio, Seacoast

The Avalanche had a win and a tie. Nathan Chickering wore the hat and Parker Roberto and Mason Drouin both had two assists in a 4-2 victory over the Cyclones - and Kyle Chauvette was in goal for the Avs and Espen Reager and Dave Palandjian for Assabet in a 0-0 tie;

Owen Fowler scored twice and Shane White had a goal and an assist as the Cyclones beat the Wizards, 4-2; Brendan Walsh scored the winner with 2:36 left and John Fusco scored twice as the Wizards edged the Cyclones, 3-2 - Jarod Harrington with both goals in the loss; and Mark Borghi scored twice, one of the goals turning out to be the winner, and Nick Wyman had two assists as Seacoast nipped the Advantage, 3-2 - Jeff Pollara with both goals in the loss.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Nathan Chickering, Avalanche

The Advantage won twice in the East. Corcoran had a goal and an assist and Goodrich pitched a 6-0 shutout over the Avalanche - and Lovell had a goal and an assist and Hammel two assists in a 6-2 victory over Assabet;

Tristan Witz pitched a shutout and Peyton Defeo and Ian Driscoll scored in the first period as the Warriors beat the Blazers, 4-0; and Gerald Cutone scored two goals and assisted on three others, Grant Porter posted four assists, William Rinaldi had 2-1-3, Matt Fusco 1-2-3, Tyler Day two goals and Trevor Lopez 1-1-2 as the Wizards beat Seacoast, 10-2.

The Red Rangers had a win and a tie in the West. Tommy Barbati had a goal and two assists, John Dinapoli scored twice and Joey Bodenrader and Matt Zeichick both had 1-1-2 in a 7-4 win over the Warriors, who got 1-1-2 from Camden Tinkham - and Bodenrader scored with 3:17 left to give the Rangers a 1-1 tie with Seacoast, which got a goal from Spencer Aubin late in the second period;

Nick Dovidi and Kevin McGuire (second goal) scored seven seconds apart in the third period and the Monarchs overcame an Adam Heinze hat trick and edged the Warriors, 4-3; the Wizards beat Seacoast, 10-2 and the Advantage topped Assabet, 6-2 (missing game sheets).

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Gerald Cutone, Wizards

The Advantage won twice. Matt Sullivan's second goal of the game snapped a 3-3 tie with 59 seconds left and Tom McNally had two goals and two assists in a 5-3 decision over Seacoast - and Sullivan erupted for five goals and Brady Lewis had 1-2-3 in a 7-1 victory over the Cyclones;

Ethan Perry scored four goals, Will Canavan delivered a goal and two assists, Kevin Martin and Andrew Morey both scored twice and Ethan Zhong had two assists in Assabet's 10-6 win over the Crusaders, who got a hat trick and an assist from Cam Arakelian, two goals from Dom Murphy, 1-1-2 from Connor O'Brien and two assists from Mathieu Legault; Dom Hall had two goals and an assist, Davis Lambert, Brendan McNeil, Aidan Lyons and Joe Tardif all also scored twice and Derek Duplesis had 1-1-2 as the Wizards scored a big win over the Monarchs, who got 2-1-3 from Noah Malcolm; Sam Cronin delivered2-1-3 and Nathan Glencross also scored twice as the Cyclones defeated the Monarchs, 5-2 - Nick Fantasia with 1-1-2 in the loss; and Purple had a goal and three assists, Malcolm scored twice and Brett Niland posted 1-1-2 as the Monarchs topped the Red Rangers, 6-3 - Don Davis with 1-1-2 and John Beatrice two assists in the loss.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Matt Sullivan, Advantage

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Week Ending November 20, 2011
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