American Roundups - Week Ending December 18


Albany beat the Monarchs twice and the Red Rangers also won twice. Mike Hans scored four goals and assisted on two others, Chris Hunt also wore the hat, adding two assist, Xavier Abdella had a goal and two assists, Andrew Edlund three assists and Matt Peretti two in Albany's big win over the Monarchs - and Albany scored a 1-0 victory (missing game sheet); Jonathan Donaghey had a goal and an assist and Colin Quinn scored what turned out to be the winner as the Rangers edged the Cyclones, 4-3 - and Quinn had two goals and two assists, Botticelli also scored twice and Boulos and Gosselin both also had two assists in a 7-4 victory over Assabet, which got 2-2-4 from Hill and two goals from Robertson;

Drew Gounaris scored two goals and assisted on six others, Kyle Nagri scored four goals, Pete Giangrande had a goal and two assists, Donaghey scored twice and Matt Kapetanakis had 1-1-2 as the Cyclones scored a big win over the Blazers; and Holden wore the hat, Pace had three assists, Maron posted 1-1-2, Brown had two assists and McLean pitched a shutout in Assabet's 6-0 victory over the Blazers.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Drew Gounaris, Cyclones

The Red Rangers won twice. J.J. Harding had a goal and an assist and Evan McDonald two assists in a 4-1 victory over Pro Ambitions - and Harding wore the hat and had two assists, McDonald delivered 2-2-4, Anthony Nikolopoulos had four assists, Nolan Hughes and Billy Falter both posted 1-1-2 and Mike Zarro two assists in a 10-3 win over the Wizards, who got 1-1-2 from Paul McAuliffe;

Zach Framera had three assists, Joe Lavelle scored twice and Derrick Osik and Mike Barrett both had 1-1-2 as Pro Ambitions beat the Glades, 6-3; Josh Chapman scored twice as the Monarchs defeated Seacoast, 3-1; and Dante Maribito had 2-1-3, Kyle Lynch 1-2-3, Evan Daddario two goals and Kyle Hentosh 1-1-2 as the Vipers topped the Crusaders, 7-1.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: J.J. Harding, Red Rangers

The Wizards beat Albany twice. Brett Rahbany (1-1-2) scored what turned out to be the winner with 11 minutes left, Dave Bartkus scored twice and Dylan Arnold and Tommy Benjes both also had a goal and an assist in a 6-5 decision over Albany, which got a hat trick from Joey Pasquini, three assists by Logan Discanio and 1-1-2 from Tyler Liesiski - and Bartkus wore the hat and had an assist, Rahbany posted 2-1-3 and Liam Bove 1-2-3 in a 5-3 victory;

Doug Champagne capped a hat trick with the winner with 4:45 left as the Avalanche came from two goals down and edged the Warriors, 3-2; Greg Stohrer and Luke Pepin both scored twice and Bryson Bartell had 1-1-2 in Seacoast's 6-3 win over the Blazers; O'Neal had 2-1-3, Stone 1-1-2 and Maffeo two assists as the Red Rangers defeated the Blazers, 6-2; Robbie Kormack and Alex Jamieson shared the shutout and Chris Joyce scored early as the Advantage nipped the Avalanche, 2-0; and Ro Bryan scored the winner and Colin Tracy had 1-1-2 as the Avs nipped the Rangers, 4-3 - O'Neal and Stone with 1-1-2 apiece in the loss.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: David Bartkus, Wizards

The Glades went 3-1, beating the Warrior '01 Elites twice and splitting with the Advantage, the Avalanche had a win and a tie against Albany and the Advantage went 2-1. Dickie Hall scored twice and Luke Dion and Kyle Haskins both had 1-1-2 as the Glades beat the Warriors, 4-2, despite 1-1-2 by Jack Cronin; Jack Locker (1-1-2) and Paul Fine-Lease scored late for a 3-2 win over VJW - and Haskins scored with 6:28 left to guve the Glades a 2-1 decision over the Advantage; Mark Sousa scored one goal and assisted on two others, Cody Sullivan scored twice, Josh Connor had 1-1-2 and Dan Israel and Kyle Greer each posted two assists as the Avalanche beat Albany, 6-3, as Anthony Morin scored twice and Joe Molloy had two assists in the loss - and Len Brochu scored with 5:28 left to give the Avs a 2-2 tie; Drew Collins scored in the first period as the Advantage edged the Glades, 1-0 - and Reilly Moran wore the hat, snapping a 2-2 tie with 11:16 left in a 4-2 win over Seacoast;

Joe Lepore posted 2-1-3, Anthony Bono had three assists and Mike Barletta scored twice as the Vipers beat the Crusaders, 6-2; Shane O'Leary of the Warrior '00 Elites and Roche of the Red Rangers traded second-period goals in a 1-1 tie; Joe Nyahay and Eric Degregorio both had 1-1-2 in Seacoast's 5-1 win over Albany; Nolan Fitzpatrick delivered 2-1-3, Owen Gallagher had 1-2-3, JP Milbury scored twice and Mike Lester had 1-1-2 as the Blazers beat the Wizards, 7-3; and the Crusaders defeated the Warriors, 4-2.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Kyle Haskins, Glades

The Cyclones and Wizards both won twice. Shane White scored two goals and assisted on another, Travis Marchant had a goal and two assists and Eric Hurrell also posted two assists in the Cyclones' 5-1 win over the Advantage - and Drew Blodgett pitched a shutout and Marchant had 1-1-2 in a 4-0 victory over Assabet; John Fusco (2-1-3) scored with 4:49 left to give the Wizards a 4-3 decision over Assabet, which got two assists from No. 15 - and Fusco delivered two goals and two assists, Cade Nagahama had 2-1-3 and Mike McEachern 1-2-3 in a 7-3 victory over Seacoast;

Austin Conley and Noah Dorsey-Sorofman shared the shutout and Mark Borghi scored early in the second period of Seacoast'a 1-0 win over the Avalanche; and Aidan Torres scored the tying goal with 6:49 left and Nick Hurley had 1-1-2 as the Advantahe pulled out a 3-3 tie with the Avs.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: John Fusco, Wizards

The Boch Blazers reeled off three wins in the East, where the Wizards and Warriors both had a win and a tie. Cooke's second goal of the game, with 1:54 left, gave the Blazers a 4-1 win over the Red Rangers, as Martin had two assists in the win and James O'Toole 1-1-2 in the loss; Cooke scored twice and Giunta pitched a shutout in a 5-0 victory over the Rangers - and Martin erupted for five goals and an assist, Hutchinson added 1-1-2 and Blue and Hoey two assists apiece in a 6-2 win over the Monarchs; Matt Fusco scored twice, Trevor Lopez and Gerald Cutone both had 1-1-2 and William MacNeil added two assists as the Wizards defeated the Red Rangers, 4-1 - and Cutone scored the tying goal with 3:58 left and MacNeil had 1-1-2 in the third period as the Wizards pulled out a 2-2 tie with the Avalanche; Tristan Witz pitched a shutout, Ned Maloloepszy scored twice and Anna Bargman had two assists as the Warriors beat the Avalanche, 4-0 - and Jared Venezia scored with 1:19 left and Matt Elliott followed with :36 on the clock as the Warriors rallied for a 4-4 tie with the Advantage, Calvin Mansfield with 2-1-3 for the Warriors and Corcoran with two goals and Dortenzio two assists for the Advantage.

The Monarchs went 2-2, beating Albany twice, and the Advantage and Blazers both had a win and a tie in the West. Kevin Levesque scored twice and Alex Diuidi had two assists as the Monarchs topped Albany 5-1 - and Ethan Livingston and John Moriarty shared the shutout and Cam Wasylak scored in the second period of a 3-0 victory; Tim Delay scored with 12:50 left, Culin Wilson's second came with 8:53 remaining and Delay then capped a hat trick 42 seconds later to give the Advantage a 5-3 victory over the Monarchs, as Zack Sideropoulos had two assists in the win and Kevin McGuire wore the hat in the loss - and Sideropoulos, Delay and Wilson all scored in a 37-second span in the final 1:04 to give the Advantage a dramatic 3-3 tie with Assabet, which got 1-1-2 from William McCarthy; the Blazers defeated the Monarchs, 5-3 and tied Assabet, 3-3, but the game sheets are missing.

Albany and Seacoast split a pair of close ones, as Adam Rourke scored with11:38 left to give Albany a 3-2 decision - and Cy LeClerc's second goal of the game, with 23 seconds remaining, gave the Spartans a 2-1 win.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Martin, Blazers

The Advantage won twice. Tom McNally had a goal and two assists and Dylan Cosentino a goal and a helper in a 4-1 victory over the Monarchs - and Matt Sullivan scored twice in a 4-2 win over Seacoast;

Devon LaPierre pitched a shutout and Mike Szymanski had two assists in Seacoast's 3-0 win over the Crusaders; Brendan MacNeil scored with 2:35 left to give the Wizards a 2-1 decision over the Red Rangers; Will Kelleher (1-1-2) snapped a 1-1 tie with 6:11 left and Graham Brody followed 1:04 later in Assabet's 3-1 win over the Red Rangers; and Derek Amaral capped a hat trick with the tying goal with 2:46 left and also had an assist as Pro Ambitions pulled out a 4-4 tie with the Cyclones, who got 1-1-2 from Nathan Glencross.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Derek Amaral, Pro Ambitions

MIKE SHALIN, mshalin@valley-associates.com

Week Ending December 18, 2011
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