American Roundups - Week ending November 18, 2012

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scored two goals and Smerville had two assists as the Vipers nipped the Blazers, 3-1; Morgan had a goal and an an assist and Marcieniwicz two assists in Assabet's 5-2 victory over the Cyclones, who got both goals from No. 9, Russo snapped a 1-1 tie with 2:15 left in the second period as the Rangers edged Pro Ambitions, 2-1; and the Wizards scored a big win over the Blazers (coaches, can you send scoring details???).

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Fantasia, Vipers

Kyle Lynch
(2 goals, 2 assists) and Brandon Lafata (also 2-2-4) scored 13 seconds apart late and Kyle Hentosh set up all four goals as the Vipers topped the Monarchs, 4-2; Matt Koopman scored two goals and assisted on another, Louis Finocciaro had 1-2-3, Sean Heffron and Corey Goldstein both posted 1-1-2, Ryan Verrier also had two assists and Christian Bassi and Colin Casey shared the shutout as the Rangers beat Assabet, 8-0; and the Monarchs defeated Assabet, 4-1.

PLAYERS OF THE WEEK: Lynch, Lafata, Hentosh, Vipers

The Warriors won three games, two of them against the Glades, who also beat the Rangers twice. Joseph Rotundi scored the winner with 5:25 left and Cameron Schmitt had a goal and and assist as the Warriors beat Vermont, 3-2, Tom Samuelson with both goals in the loss; Rotundi four goals, Nicholas Keroack had a goal and an assist and Thomas Albert two assists in a 6-4 Warriors win, Logan Stanislas and Johnny Daggett with two goals apiece for Vermont - and Schmitt scored twice in the Warriors' 5-3 win over the Avalanche; Samuelson went for 2-2-4 in Vermont's 4-2 win over the Rangers - and Eli Rivers had 2-1-3 in a 6-1 victory over the same team;

Luke Pepin scored with six seconds left to give Seacoast a 2-1 decision over the Avs; and Cam McKennitt and Jordan Jones shared the shutout and Zachary Janfaza scored twice as the Wizards defeated Seacoast, 3-0.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Joseph Rotundi, Warriors

The Avalanche won twice and had a tie, going 1-0-1 against the Titans. Cam Fagan scored two goals and assisted on another, Eamon Silvia-Chandley had 1-2-3 and Len Brochu and Ryan Warring each posted 1-1-2 in a 7-1 win over Assabet; Silvia-Chandley, Caleb Price and Ben Tardiff all scored in a 1:29 span of the third period to produce a 3-1 win over the Titans - and Cody Sullivan scored with 12:11 left to give the Avs a 2-2 tie with the Titans;

Dara Conneely and Mike Drew both clicked for 1-1-2 as the Wizards topped the Rangers, 3-1; Brandon Garneau wore the hat and Cam Stairs had 1-1-2 in Assabet's 6-3 victory over Seacoast; and Mike Pierro and Eric Lester both scored twice and Shane O'Leary had two assists as the Warriors defeated the Advantage, 5-2.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Eamon Silvia-Chandley, Avalanche

The Cyclones recorded four victories in a busy week, two over the Advantage and two over the Blazers, and the Wizards skated to a win and a tie. White (second goal of the game) and Langley (with 2:59 left) scored third-period goals and Marchant had two assists in the Cyclones' 3-2 victory over the Advantage, who got both goals from Sullivan and assists on both from Perry; Mulholland clicked for a goal and three assists, Harrington and Marchant each posted 2-1-3, Pellerin also scored twice and Flanagan also had two assists in a big win over the same team; Marchant dished out four assists, White delivered 2-1-3 and Langley also scored twice in a 7-2 win over the Blazers; and the Cyclones beat the Blazers, 5-1 (missing game sheet); Tom Miller had 1-1-2 and John Fusco two assists as the Wizards beat the Avalanche, 4-1 - and Cade Beauparlant ended the Mike Montanarol/Casey Janko shutout bid with 46 seconds left and gave the Rangers a 1-1 tie with the Wizards, who got a first-period goal from James Demeo.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Marchant, Cyclones

Parker Taylor
pitched a shutout and Spencer Aubin scored the only goal needed with 11:46 left in the second period as the Avalanche nipped the Blazers, 2-0; O'Donnell scored what turned out to be the winner with 2:44 left in the second period and the Advantage got goals from six different players and topped the Avs, 6-3 - Ben Steeves with 1-1-2 in the loss; and Trevor Lopez what proved to be the winner with 9:13 left and Mason Dorr posted two assists as the Wizards defeated the Warriors, 5-4.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Parker Taylor, Avalanche

The Vipers had two wins and a tie. Farrin wore the hat, Norcross scored twice and Henehan had two assists in a 7-2 victory over the Cyclones, who got two assists from No. 88; the Vipers scored a big win over Assabet (missing game sheet) - and Sarni ran wild in the third period, scoring with 5:20 left, again with 1:33 and finally 18 seconds later, the four-goal game giving the Vipers a 5-5 tie with Assabet, Norcross with three assists and Costanzo two for the Vipers, while Will Kelleher posted 2-1-3 and Declan Wilkie two assists for Assabet;

Mike Dunning wore the hat and had an assist, Jackson Stuzynski scored twice and Brendan Gorman and Calvin May each had two assists as the Wizards beat the Rangers, 7-3 - Patch with two goals in the loss; and Mike Szymanski scored the winner with 53 seconds left in the second period and Darren Cagnina had 1-1-2 as Seacoast edged the Advantage, 3-2.


Dane Carter
wore the hat and had an assist, Cam Humphrey scored one goal and assisted on three others, Mark Evangelous had three assists, Tom Argento scored twice and Andrew Welch had 1-1-2 in Assabet's 9-5 victory over the Rangers, who got 2-1-3 apiece from James Fisher and Alec Giacchetto and two assists from Owen White; Bennett MacDonald wore the hat and Brendan MacNeil and Henry Burnham both scored twice as the Wizards defeated the Warriors, 7-3 - Austin Hart with 2-1-3 in the loss; the Advantage beat Worcester, 10-4; the Monarchs and the Vipers skated to a 3-3 tie and Worcester defeated the Monarchs, 7-5 (missing game sheets).

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Bennett MacDonald, Wizards

Assabet won twice. Henry Cohen scored four goals and assisted on four others, Teddy Stiga posted 2-1-3 and Landan Resendes 1-2-3 in a big win over the Monarchs - and Assabet nipped the Advantage, 3-1 (missing game sheet);

In the other game, the Monarchs edged the Wizards, 4-3 (missing game sheet).

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Henry Cohen, Assabet

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Week ending November 18, 2012
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