American Roundups - Week ending February 16, 2014


The Wizards won twice. John Pawlocki wore the hat and had an assist, Cooper Wolfe had a goal and two assists, Nico Frelick scored twice and Tyler Hughey also posted two assists in a 7-1 victory over the Warriors – and the Wizards nipped Assabet, 3-1;

In the other game, Griffin Gagne scored two goals and set up another, Colin Boylan set up three goals and Jared Zeichick and Tim Cronin both delivered a goal and an assist as the Avalanche downed the Vipers, 6-1.



Eric Degregorio scored twice, Jonathan Saklad had a goal and an assist and Tyler Harvey two assists in Seacoast’s 4-1 victory over the Wizards; and Jack Wells, who also had two assists, scored the winner with 12:11 left and Mike Roche posted 1-1-2 as the Rangers edged the Vipers, 3-2.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Jack Wells, Rangers


Shea Grant and Robbie Farrell shared the shutout and Cade Beauparlant scored with nine minutes left in the second period as the Rangers edged the Warriors, 1-0; Eric Favreau’s second goal of the game, with 13:02 left, gave the Avalanche a 3-3 tie with the Cyclones – Jonathan Giroux with 1-1-2 for the Avs; and Nick Hurley and Aidan Carey both came through with 1-1-2 and Peter Frates had two assists as the Advantage downed the Rangers, 3-1.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Eric Favreau, Avs


The Warriors beat the Glades twice. Kevin Burkett and Shane D’Agostino shared the shutout, Ian Driscoll wore the hat with one goal in each period and Jake DiNapoli had two assists in a 3-0 victory – and Sam Mellen and Zachary McKennelley scored 1:36 apart in the third period of a 5-4 decision, Julian Yang with 1-1-2 and Jack Gilligan two assists in the win and Cooper Rice a hat trick and an assist in the loss;

Porter and Amidon both scored twice, Murphy had two assists and Athanasiadis and DiNapoli shared the shutout as the Wizards defeated the Rangers, 4-0; and Jack Williams (2-1-3) scored the winner with 4:23 left, Alex Liebel had 1-2-3, Brendan Doyle posted 1-1-2 and Carson James two assists in Seacoast’s 5-4 victory over the Sharks, who got two goals from Noah Beaupre.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Jack Williams, Seacoast


No games


In the only game, Assabet defeated Seacoast, 9-1.



The Wizards had two wins and a tie, the tie against Assabet, which also had a victory. Brendan Powers scored one goal and set up two others, Marcus Braceras had 1-1-2 and Ted McLaughlin also had two assists in a 6-1 victory over the Stars; McLaughlin posted 1-1-2 in a 3-1 victory over the Chiefs; William Vote scored four goals, Nolan Flynn had 1-1-2 and Tyler Bloomfield pitched a shutout as the Lightning defeated the Chiefs, 8-0 – and Vote scored in the second period to give Assabet a 2-2 tie with the Wizards, who got 1-1-2 from Sam Unger;

In the other game, Austin True had two goals and had an assist and Connor Jalbert posted 1-2-3 as the Avalanche downed the Stars, 8-4 – Danny Storella with a hat trick and Emerson Marshall two assists in the loss.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: William Vote, Assabet


Noah Pineo and Nolan Masters scored 2:46 apart late and Aiden Pinet had a goal and an assists as the Chiefs edged Ice Den, 5-4 – Noah Carrier and Josh Billow with 1-1-2 apiece in the loss; and Logan Howard had two goals and an assist and Conor Dunn had 1-1-2 as the Leafs downed the Avalanche, 4-2.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Logan Howard, Leafs

MIKE SHALIN, mshalin@valley-associates.com

Week ending February 16, 2014
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